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We are Visit Ossett.

We are a community group formed in Ossett to make the town a more prosperous place to live, work and shop.

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Our story

Once upon a time, in the charming town of Ossett, a group of visionary individuals came together in 2010 with a dream - a dream of turning their beloved town into a vibrant hub of excitement and community spirit. They didn't just want to witness the transformation; they wanted to be the architects of change.

And so, the seeds of Building Ossett Business were sown. These enthusiastic business owners united their forces, determined to create events that would not only captivate the locals but also enthral visitors from afar. Their mission? To breathe life into Ossett, to make it buzz with energy and to bring people together.

Fast forward to 2013, and something truly magical happened. Building Ossett Business evolved into the illustrious Building Ossett Better Community Interest Company, affectionately known as BOB CIC. This metamorphosis marked the birth of a social enterprise that had one clear purpose - to turn Ossett into a vibrant, bustling town. In collaboration with fellow partners, BOB CIC aimed to invest time, resources, and love back into the very heart of Ossett, nurturing both its economy and community.

The dedicated volunteers of BOB CIC toiled tirelessly from 2010 onwards. They painted Ossett with the colours of diversity by introducing a plethora of markets and events. The Scarecrow Festival, Tour de Ossett, and Music at the Market soon became staples of the town's social calendar, each event bringing its own unique flavour to the community.

In 2016, BOB CIC took the reins of the annual Ossett Gala, a grand celebration that attracted thousands of visitors every year. It wasn't just a day of fun and frolic; it was a way for charities and organizations to fill their coffers and for the community to come together in joyous harmony.

But alas, in the year 2020, a dark cloud descended upon their vibrant world. Events were halted, and income dried up. The dreams of investing in the community were momentarily dashed, and the setback stretched into the following year, 2021.

However, in 2022, as the world began to heal, so did the spirits of the community-minded individuals behind BOB CIC. They made a courageous decision to dissolve the existing CIC, ensuring that every penny of their hard-earned income could be channelled back into the community they cherished. Despite facing dwindling volunteers and resources due to the pandemic-induced hiatus, they were undeterred.

In a spectacular rebirth, BOB emerged as "Visit Ossett" in 2022, with a new focus on three main marquee events: the thrilling Ossett Beercart, the beloved Ossett Gala, and an exciting new Scarecrow Festival paired with a day steeped in history.

But they knew they couldn't do it alone. Visit Ossett beckoned to all those with free time and a passion for community-building. If you yearned to be a part of this vibrant journey, they welcomed you with open arms. So, if you're ready to make your mark, if you're eager to be a part of a community that thrives on unity and celebration, seize the opportunity and get in touch today!


Together, we can paint Ossett with the colours of our collective dreams and create an unforgettable story for generations to come.

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