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Visit Ossett Group Meeting Minutes July 2022


Bev Riley Will Harrison Mark Dyster Mark Ellerker

Apologies: Debbie Harrison Duncan Smith Paula Gill Alison Boome David Jones Tony Sargeant

Finances: Bank & Cash total £1744.96

Gala income due +£1164 NIF Claim +£449 DJ -£175 Director Loan -£400 Town Hall Hire -£449 Hear Medical -£320

Total Net: £1344

Gala: Action plan shared with the group Entertainers finalized Free car parking is confirmed Indoor stalls for Gala are still available

Plan for a big bang social media post later this week with all businesses and groups who are attending

Heritage (24th Sept):

SAG has been drafted and covers for all planned events on the day Classic Car registration to be done on paper from Mark's shop for a max of 40 cars (30 from the car club, 10 others)

Scarecrow registration to be done on the day

Meeting to be arranged with Councillor Darren Byford for networking and to discuss arrangements

Facebook: 2107 (+86) Likes

Twitter: 1453 (+18) Followers

Instagram: 339 (+8) Followers

Website Visitors (Last 30 days): 256 (-1)

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