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Notes from the latest meeting 7th March

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Present: Mark Ellerker, David Jones, Mark Dyster, Anne Marie Fawcett, Brian Coe, Sue Gothard, Rachel Driver, Curt Shaw, Eunice Scott

Apologies for absence: Duncan Smith, Bev Riley, Deborah Harrison, Will Harrison

A big thank you firstly to Bev for a comprehensive update on most of the VO plans going forward. These formed the basis of the agenda.

We have moved the bank account to a new low / zero fee account under Visit Ossett. The BOB CIC account is closing.

Beercart. Help is needed on Sat 3rd June: 7-9am to set up, 10.30-11.30 marshalling the arrival of the Beercart, 5pm -6pm set down and litter picking. Feedback was given that Mark the refuse collector requested appropriate support for the clean up afterwards.

The SAG (red tape) has been submitted.

Mark E asked that dance spots and timings for the Morris teams be shared with business, particularly hospitality so we can support in the best possible way.

Volunteers are needed for 31st May 6pm to help trim the precinct. David J will find the bunting. Can you help? Get in touch.

Ossett Gala.

Applications for stalls will be emailed out shortly. The SAG is ready for submission.

There is a significant concern about volunteer levels. Can you help on the day even for a short while? If so email us at Help is also needed to move equipment on the day.

Eunice made a suggestion that could help with car parking for volunteers on Gala Day.

Scarecrow Festival and Classic Cars.

The date is set for 30th September. The theme is Royalty. Mark Ellerker has volunteered to source a poster.

Insurance. We need to look into renewal at the end of May.

Social Media and Website. We need support on this to continue to improve engagement with the town. Anne Marie Fawcett and Rachel Driver kindly volunteered to help. We will track numbers and engagement as we go.

Hope you can join us at the next meeting Tuesday 4th April 7pm at the Trinity Centre on Church St.

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