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Group Meeting Minutes 6th September 2022

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Visit Ossett Meeting 6th Sep


Mark Ellerker

Deborah Harrison

Mark Dyster Illingworth Park

John Whiteman

Trish Whiteman

Allison Boome Holy Trinity School

John Ledgeway New Spring Church

Robert Bearns

Tony Sargeant Rotary

Duncan Smith


David Jones

Bev Riley

Will Harrison

All attendees took time to give thanks for the life and contribution of our dear friend and colleague

recently passed.

Visit Ossett branded Hi Vis jackets. Awaiting quotes back from suppliers. Rotary will wear their

own. Deb was referred to Nicky Fleming who had recently obtained some.

Discussed our mailing list. We need to update and refresh as a key way of engaging. We

still have and issue with messages going to spam folders

Socials are up slightly at 1474 twitter and 2191 Facebook likes.

Deb H has completed multiple tasks for the Scarecrow action plan, and volunteered for more.

Mark will update and re share the document.

Discussed road closure procedures for the scarecrow festival. We referenced previous events.

Mark to speak with council and pick up correspondence. John Whiteman input the importance of

considering ‘reasonableness’ when dealing with the road closure process.

Rotary confirmed they will run the judging of scarecrows.

Tony Sargeant advised there will be a Ukrainian refugee group with a stall for fundraising at the

Scarecrow Festival.

John Ledgeway offered to ask at New Spring Church for volunteers for 24th Sep. Mark to send a

list of activities on the day for John to offer out.

Mark E make a courtesy call to Street Scene to make sure the bins are emptied the day before


Robert B volunteered traffic management on 24th.

Tony confirmed 5th Dec at Dimple Well Lodge for our end of year social. Prices to be confirmed.

Matter of the World Cup was raised as a potential clash. Mark to monitor and advise. We decided

there is little we can do in planning for this.

John Whiteman explained that there is set up funding available for community groups from

National Lottery. Also the Big Conversation was discussed. Mark confirmed that he has input on

behalf of Visit Ossett.

John L input the idea that Lidl might be a good funding source.

Next meeting Tues 4th Oct 7pm at Trinity Centre, Church St .

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