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Group Meeting Minutes 3rd May 2022


· Bev Riley

· Mark Ellerker

· Duncan Smith

· Tony Sargeant

· David Jones

· John Whiteman

· Trish Whiteman

· Paula Gill

· Debbie Harrison

· Will Harrison


· Alison Boome

· Anne Marie Fawcett

BR confirmed the 2021-22 accounts are nearly complete and ready for submission. Once submitted the CIC can formally be closed. New Visit Ossett bank account will be active from 4th May 2022. BR to share the new account details once available, ME will start to arrange Gala programme funds to be paid in to the new account.

BR has approached Ossett Tyre House for Gala sponsorship. Deadline for artwork is next week pending agreement from Ossett Tyre House. £750 was agreed as the sponsorship amount.

13 stalls, 2 food trucks and (hopefully) a pancake company are confirmed for Ossett Beercart. DJ to chase sausage man for application form. We are still looking for a face painter for the event. A few leads were given which will be followed up. Rides, burger van and donkeys are confirmed. BR to contact Ossett Community Centre to follow up availability of facilities. DS also suggested reaching out to Newspring Church as they are providing facilities for the Maypole procession, TS suggested also reaching out to Kingsway Church too. Heart Medical are providing first aid for the event. Wednesday 1st June we are looking for volunteers to assist with putting up bunting in the town centre in the evening.

£96 up to 5 events with up to 500 people with Zurich for Insurance. Mark Elvin will assist with getting quotes for insurance for the events this year.

JW raised concerns with emails going in to junk folders, we’ll try to see what we can do to eliminate this happening. ME will have a chat with the digital marketing shop opening close by for advice.

BR to compile a plan for volunteers for Gala day to ensure enough people will be available to help and all those that offered will be included. Walkie talkies will be available on the day to help co-ordinate everyone with a nominated person to coordinate the day. BR to link with West Wakefield Wombles for litter picking / tidying on the day. 12 performers confirmed for entertainment on the day, including choirs, singers, bands, theatre groups etc. A performers schedule is to be created ready for the programme. ME to speak to Debbie Squires’ contact regarding the town hall sound system. The July Visit Ossett meeting will be used as a briefing for volunteers on the day

Posters to be created for the Vintage day / Scarecrow festival event in September, ready for the Gala Programme deadline next week. DH to contact Dewsbury Bus Museum to query the vintage bus plan and insurance. BR has created a draft route plan for the bus to follow which is to be confirmed with the Bus Museum. Once confirmed, the SAG can be created and submitted to the council. Entry form needs to be created for the classic cars as a disclaimer needs to be signed. It was proposed to change the date from 17th September to 24th September. ME to check with the classic cars, DH to check with the Bus Museum and BR to check Town hall availability.

Wakefield Council has engaged with a company called Beam to pull together a strategy for bringing 2D art and murals in to public spaces (temporary and permanent). Beam have reached out to Visit Ossett and other local community groups. ME had a conversation with Beam who are proposing a plan to submit to the council, who will then choose 10 locations across the Wakefield district for this artwork to be installed. All group members are encouraged to come up with ideas of suitable high traffic areas in Ossett for artwork to be placed and pass on to ME.

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The next meeting will be at Trinity Centre, Church Street, Ossett. Tuesday 7th June at 7pm.

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