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Group Meeting Minutes 1st March 2022

In attendance were:

Alison Boome

Mark Ellerker

Anne-Marie Fawcett

Debbie Harrison

Will Harrison

David Jones

Bev Riley

Tony Sargeant

Duncan Smith

Apologies from Mark Elvin, Paula Gill (Gawthorpe Community Academy Trust) and Tina Shute (South Ossett Infants Academy).

The group welcomed new guest Alison Boome from Holy Trinity C of E Primary School.

BR opened the meeting with news that Building Ossett Better would move forward as a society instead of a CIC. CIC to be wound up with zero bank account balance.

Nominations for new roles were voted on and the following positions were agreed:

Chair: Mark Ellerker

Vice Chair: David Jones

Treasurer: Bev Riley

Social Media /IT: Will Harrison

Secretary: Anne-Marie Fawcett

Committee members: Debbie Harrison, Tony Sargeant, Duncan Smith

WH introduced the new website. WH explained that the old website is still running and is directing viewers to the new site.

Name changed from Building Ossett Better CIC to Visit Ossett.

Action: WH to rebrand the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and the website

Action: ME to discuss with Alan and Jackie Dean the possible collaboration of Visit Ossett and Love Ossett

2022 Events

June 4 Beer Cart

July 19 Ossett Gala

September 17 Heritage Day

Christmas Fundraiser

Charges for stalls to be increased.

Charity £25

Business £35

Food and drink £50

Free stall offered to OTTA for Heritage Day.

Action: DH to book a fundraiser stall for Ossett Gala

Action: DJ to contact Emma Kirke re DJ anchor for Ossett Gala

Action: Mark to contact Kat Calvert who has offered two 40 minute entertainment sessions free of charge. Agreed to give her a 1/2 page advert in the Gala brochure. Kat needs the PA and mic outside

Action: Mark to contact Kylie re provision of 2 x PA system for inside Town Hall

Action: AMF to contact Denise Jeffery re availability of Town Hall (and toilet facilities) on Heritage Day

Action: TS to book Visit Ossett Christmas party at Dimple Well Lodge for Monday 5 December 2022

Scarecrow festival confirmed as Heritage Theme.

Action: Bev to arrange scarecrow categories and trophies. Trophy for groups and business, Visit Ossett Voucher for individual winner


We discussed combining insurance with other Ossett and Gawthorpe groups and societies. We think this is not possible due to the need of an overarching organisation.

It was decided to keep the BOB logo and just change the wording to 'Visit Ossett'. It was agreed to use a strap line suggested by AB: Visit Ossett is committed to building a better Ossett.

Heritage Day. Ossett Through The Ages to offer a tour of the town hall if we have access.

Trophies for winners of Classic Car show. Still to decide.

AB suggested separating Visit Ossett events from other Ossett events on the website. This was agreed.

BR informed the group of The HARIBO Happiness Fund which aims to support local projects. The fund will provide support for initiatives that bring together older (50+ years old) and younger (up to 25 years old) people in a safe way.

Next meeting Tuesday 5 April at 7pm at Trinity Centre.

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