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Group Meeting Minutes 7th June 2022


Bev Riley

Daz Riley

Will Harrison

Debbie Harrison

Mark Dyster

David Jones

Mark Ellerker

Tony Sargeant

John Earnshaw

Duncan Smith

Alison Boome

Mark Elvin


Paula Gill

Anne Marie Fawcett


Been on hold due to Gala, Mark Ellerker to pick up when available


£39.92 profit from Beercart pending some challenges ongoing for £250 fee from the council for set down of the market stalls. If this is successful, £290 profit will have been made. Thanks need to go to Lynn Masterman and Darren Byford for helping challenge the council

£136 in the bank

£1206 cash to bank

Insurance for 2022 has also been paid. Finances are now available to pay for the Gala programmes



Saturday Beercart market was deemed as a huge success and is set to go ahead next year on 3rd June 2023. Stall cost confirmed to stay the same for 2023 at £20 for charities and £30 for businesses. The event was very well received by residents, market stall holders and Morris dancers and great feedback has been received.

Ossett Gala

Wakefield Council require a land permit for the event, this is being questioned

The Council are also requiring SIA security for the event, this is also being queried

Town Hall is hired from 8am until 6pm. The front door will only be open 10am-4pm

Tarps for the outdoor stalls will be 2 over 3 stalls, so they will not have covers at the rear

First Aid is booked

Free parking to be queried with the local councillors and parking to be arranged with local businesses for stallholders

BR to approach Ossett Academy for 6 volunteers to assist with setting up the stalls

Entertainment confirmed and printed in the programme

DJ to be confirmed and truck sorted for a stage outdoors

Heritage Day:

SAG cannot go ahead without the toilets. A plan is to be formulated how we are going to approach this. Confirmed date is 24th September, posters to be created and circulated

Action Log:


Mark Ellerker to work on constitution when available

Committee to work on communication strategies

Email to be sent to the mailing list with an update, including Gala, Heritage and call for help


Ongoing challenge for £250 market set down cost from the council for the Beercart market

John Earnshaw to share wish list for roles for Ossett Beercart committee

Ossett Gala:

Confirm with the council the requirements for the land permit and SIA security for Ossett Gala

Query the free parking in council car parks with the local councillors for Ossett Gala

Ian Charlesworth to be contacted to confirm availability of Organ Society

Posters to be created and distributed

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